About us

Trading venture “Abrico” is a part of group of companies “IRGA group”, which has been operating in the market since 1997. Abrico specialises on making and development of new products, under its own trade mark, as well as working on requests made by its business partners, under their own trade mark.

Structure of the group of companies

The group of companies, beside the trading venture “Abrico”, also includes production structures, “Pischehimproduct”, which are responsible for production of the required products in the consumer-orientated packaging and “Rewise”, also a production structure, which concentrates on production in consumer-orientated packaging.

Today, the group of companies is a recognisable expert within the natural vinegars, acetic acid and fruit conservation industries in the Russian market. As well as that, it is currently in the top rankings for the scale of the production and product realisation.

IRGA Group management company
Rewise production and distribution within Czech Republic
Торговый дом Абрико distribution of the products in retail packaging within the CIS
Пищепромродукт production and distribution of the products in the industrial packaging
ПХМ Производственная компания production of the products in retail packaging within city of Dzerzhinsk (District of Nizhny Novgorod) and city of Novosibirsk


Cooperation politics of IRGA GROUP is based around following key principles:

Our clients

Our products can be seen on the stalls of the shops in most of the major cities in Russia. The company is one of the leaders within the vinegar and fruit and berry preservation markets. It also specialises in developing its own trade marks for the leading retail chains.